New Business Service


Developing a business plan is an essential step in starting a new business. In converting your ideas to words and numbers on paper, you give life to your plan. A business plan encourages you to draw a roadmap of how you plan to operate your business. It will help answer many crucial questions such as; “How much capital will I need?” “Who will buy your product/service?” “How much will they pay?” We can help you develop this very important plan.

Choosing the right entity type for your business is the first step in minimizing your tax liability. James Accounting has the skills and experience to advise you correctly.

Incorporating your business and filing IRS forms to obtain tax ID number and other special classification when necessary are administrative functions we can perform on your behalf.

Registering your business for state taxes that apply to your business is another administrative function we can take care of for you.

Selecting & setting up the accounting system that is most appropriate for your company can be simple or complex. For small business it may be as simple as putting all your expenses on a credit card, and using the annual summary provided by the card company to do your taxes. Many companies have more complex needs, and we will help you identify the system that will fit. Its important to work within your budget and make sure the accounting system will be efficient for your needs. We also give you the information you need to manage your business as well as satisfying government and banking requirements.